Did You Know…? SPF & Sun Safety Facts with P20

I’m delighted to say that this post is sponsored by P20 🙂

We hear a lot about SPF, especially at this time of year, so I thought I would share some interesting facts about SPF with you including what it is and why it is so important!

SPF Stands for Sun Protection Factor

Since 1962, an SPF rating is given to all suncreams to indicate their effectiveness in blocking UltraViolet B (UVB) rays. Higher SPF numbers indicate more protection.

There are 2 Types of UltraViolet (UV) Rays

That is 1) UVA and 2) UVB. These are invisible rays that damage the surface of your skin and also penetrate it, causing premature ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer. Sunscreens vary in the level of protection they offer. On that note, look out for an SPF with a “broad spectrum” to make sure you are protected against both forms of radiation.

All of P20s products protect against both UVA and UVB rays. They all contain 4 or 5 star certification for UVA protection, which is clearly visible on the packaging, and exceeds the EU recommended standard of 3 stars.

We Should Wear SPF Everyday

Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even if you are indoors because windows only filter UVB rays… UVA rays get right through! As well as that, even on a cloudy day, about 40% of the sun’s UV rays reach Earth!

I apply 2 full pumps of P20 Face on my face and neck every day, about 15 minutes before my makeup, and it doesn’t interfere with it at all. It absorbs quickly, it’s lightweight, non-greasy and it doesn’t break me out! I also feel like it properly moisturises my face and gives my skin a nice, dewy look!

Offering full protection from UVA and UVB rays for the whole day, and specifically formulated for the face, P20 Face is the perfect everyday moisturiser. P20 is stocked in Penneys, Hickeys, McCabes, McCauleys and other pharmacies nationwide. Currently though, you can purchase here for 25% off.

It Only Takes 15 minutes to Burn Unprotected Skin

So here’s how SPF helps with that… If you apply SPF 15, it should prevent your skin burning for 15 times longer (about five hours). SPF 30 should prevent burning for 30 times longer and so on.

P20 offers SPF 15 (exclusive to Penneys), 20, 30 and 50 in sprays, lotions and multi-angle, continuous sprays. You can choose between baby bottles of 40mls (AKA Baby Block), 100mls, 115mls (exclusive to Penneys), 150mls and 200mls (ideal for families).

Tips to Prevent Burning

Here are some more tips to avoid burning:

  1. Protect your scalp and face by wearing a hat
  2. Be like Darren and lay in the shade… under a towel if you’re as cautious as he is :p
  3. Please make sure you apply a sufficient amount of product evenly all over your face and body.
  4. After application, wait about 15 to 20 minutes before getting dressed or going into the water. This will ensure the product has absorbed right into your skin.
  5. When you get out of the water, try to air dry rather than towel dry. P20 is classified as “very water resistant” however, if you rub yourself with a towel, you will need to re-apply.

There are 6 Basic Skin Types

Which one are you? I definitely fall into the Skin Type 2 category! SPF 50 for life :p

I actually really enjoyed researching for and writing this blog post! I hope you learned a thing or 2 and will now be as precious as me when it comes to wearing SPF. You know what I always say, “Fake it, don’t bake it” :p On that note, you can check out a multitude of fake tan posts here.

Thanks for reading and STAY SAFE!

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