The Best Nude Lipsticks

Do nude lipsticks really need an introduction? They’re a must have in any makeup bag!

What’s nude really depends on your skin tone. I ‘ve very fair skin so I tend to go for a more pink/peach toned nude so they don’t drown me out. The right nude for you should look natural and not make it look like you have foundation on your lips!

As well as wearing the right shade of nude for your skin tone, I also recommend that you use a lip liner. I wore the same liner in all of the pictures in this post so that you can compare each of the lipsticks. FYI, I chose my favourite liner of all time… MAC Spice (you need it!).

I have a drawer full of lipsticks however I naturally have my favourites and I’m going to tell all about them in this post. I haven’t included liquid lipsticks, I’ll write about those another time.

MAC Pure Zen

This is the perfect nude. So perfect that I wore it on my wedding day! Although it has a sheen finish, it’s surprisingly long lasting.

Finish: Sheen

Price: €19.50 and you can order it with free delivery here.

MAC Kinda Sexy

This is another all time favourite of mine and the lipstick I chose for my bridesmaids to wear on my wedding day.

Finish: Matte

Price: €19.50 and you can order it with free delivery here.

Soap & Glory Super Nude

This is the exception to my pink/peach toned nude rule. It’s more of a brown tone but it is beautiful. The formula of these lipsticks are second to none. They are hands down the best matte lipsticks out there at the moment, in my opinion. The’re completely matte but so moisturising and, if you’re a lover of lipsticks, you’ll know that that combination is hard to come by.

Finish: Matte

Price: €12.50 and you can buy it here.

Rimmel Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude

I love the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks. I love the matte collection the most. Although this one isn’t as long lasting as the rest of the lipsticks in this post, it looks just as good, and it’s the cheapest!

Finish: Sheen

Price: €7.49 and you can buy it here (shade 45).

Charlotte Tilbury Kim K W

No prizes for guessing who this is named after!

I really love Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks. They’re so beautiful, from the colours, to the formula, and the rose gold packaging is just stunning. In saying that, these lipsticks are roughly about 6 times the price of the cheapest lipsticks on this post. Are they worth it? Well, you will not be disappointed, they are amazing.  However, the other lipsticks on this post are every bit as nice! Although, these make amazing gifts, whether it be for yourself or a friend!
Finish: Sheen

Price: €32 and you can buy it here.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

Every time I wear this lipstick someone asks what it is. It’s a really natural, “your lips but better”, shade and I love it!

Finish: Sheen

Price: €32 and you can buy it here.

NYX Nude

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve repurchased this lipstick. It seems to be a firm favourite because it can be really hard to come by! It can be a bit drying on the lips but nothing a bit of lip balm can’t fix! Don’t be alarmed when you see the colour of it in person, it looks neon peach almost, but it’s different on the lips. It looks exactly like it does in my picture below.

Finish: Matte

Price: €9 and you can buy it here.

They’re my favourite nude lipsticks right now and have been for a long time! I would love to know if there are any gems out there that I’m missing?

I really enjoyed writing this post so I’ll do a couple more that are similar, my favourite reds maybe next? In the mean time, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (livelavishlycom) for more beauty related chats!

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