5 Hair Detanglers That Actually Work

I have a MANE of hair! It’s long and thick and hard to manage! I have a colour in it so between that and the sheer amount of it, it tends to get very knotty. I have been trying out some detanglers and leave-in conditioners and I wanted to tell you about those that actually work!

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Aussie Stop the Break Leave-in Conditioner

This is quickly becoming my favourite haircare product ever! Dramatic I know but I love everything about it. It is not marketed as a detangler, but a heat protector and leave-in conditioner. It smells DIVINE like all Aussie Haircare products and it is rich in Australian Jojoba Seed Oil. It makes my hair so much easier to brush as well as leaving it soft, shiny and smelling unbelievable.

Price: Around €7. Available from Boots, Superdrug and most pharmacies.

Mane ‘n Tail Detangler

“The Tangles and Knots Solution” from Mane ‘n Tail is another favourite of mine. It definitely makes my hair easier to manage while also leaving it soft, shiny and conditioned.

Price: Around €9. Available from Boots, Superdrug and most pharmacies.

Revlon Equave

This one took me a while to take to because I’m not in love with the smell. It’s not a bad smell at all but I’m just particular when it comes to how my hair smells… I’m just particular in general actually! BUT… I now love it because it claims to be a detangling conditioner and it is exactly that.

Price: Around €12. Available online here or in Terrisales (Abbey Street, Dublin).

What I love most about the above products is that I can spray as much as I want and my hair never feels heavy, greasy or full of residue. These are 3 fabulous hair treatments that work! As well as these, a good hair brush is important for getting rid of tangles.

The best hair brushes on the market for detangling hair, in my opinion, is The Wet brush and The Tangle Teezer.

The Wet Brush

I got a Wet brush as a stocking filler one Christmas. I laughed at how small it was and was flabbergasted that it actually got through my hair! I haven’t been without one since. You can get larger brushes but honestly the small ones are very effective, looks can be deceiving!

Price: About €9 for the small brush and €16 for the bigger one. Both available from Boots.

The Tangler Teezer

I had a Tangle Teezer a couple of years ago and while I found it good, the fact that it had no handle was annoying. It kept falling out of my hand and so I gave up on it. However… they now have a version with a handle! It’s called “The Ultimate Finishing Brush” and it is brilliant!

Price: About €20 here from Boots.

I have no problem recommending any of the above products, they are all excellent hair detanglers and make my life so much easier! You can read some more of my tips to keeping your hair healthy here.

Thanks for reading as always pals!

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