Cheapest Flights from Dublin to New York?

Oh New York… the one place I want to visit over and over again. Myself and Darren have had a major itch to get back to New York and so decided to cancel our trip to Las Vegas this year and go to New York instead.

It was a done deal when we managed to bag 2 flights for €640… return… for us both! Interested? Keep reading!

Flying Dublin to New York

In the past, we have travelled to New York with Aer Lingus and we both loved the journey.

The service on transatlantic flights with Aer Lingus are of a much higher standard than those to the UK. However, Aer Lingus wanted nearly €1200 for flights with baggage and another airline was offering flights for nearly half that!

Norwegian Airlines is Europe’s third biggest airline! Our flights with them cost just €640 in total and that includes a cancellation insurance for €11 each. So they worked out at about €300 each return!

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch really. The flights are that cheap! Norwegian Airlines is a budget airline. It operates the same no frills, you pay for what you get, business model as Ryanair.

It offers 3 different flight options: Low Fare, Low Fare Plus and Flex. Each one is more expensive than the last and offers you more benefits.

Although all flight options include free wifi and charging facilities; which I think is pretty cool!

Norwegian Airlines Flight Options Comparison

Low Fare with Norwegian

Baggage: There is no check-in bag included in the price, although you can still bring cabin baggage free of charge.

Food: The price does not include any in-flight food or refreshments. So eat before you get on the plane and stock up on snacks and water. Who likes plane food anyway (*gags*)?

Seating: It’s €35 per person at the time of booking,  if you want to choose a seat beside the person you’re travelling with. However, I understand that once you all check in together, you will be seated beside each other. Regardless though, in my experience, planes are never full on long haul flights. Wait for the flight to take off and move into 2 free seats together. If the plane is full, I’m sure someone sitting on their own would swap with you.

Low Fare Plus with Norwegian

This option includes baggage, food and a seat reservation. If you need to check in a bag and want food, it works out cheaper to buy Low Fare Plus, than adding food and baggage separately.

However, myself and my husband are bringing just one bag between the 2 of us, and did not want food, so it was cheaper just to pay for one bag (€70 return for 20KG).

Flex with Norwegian

The Flex flight option includes 2 X 20KG bags, food and a seat reservation. In addition, you can change or cancel your flights free of charge and security Fast Track is included.

Stewart International Airport to New York City

Norwegian Airlines do not fly to JFK or Newark Airport from Dublin. They fly to Stewart Airport which is a further distance away from your assumed New York City destination. You can get a bus or train however, there is a general consensus that the bus is the cheaper and less stressful option.

The airport transfers from JFK and Newark cost around the same ($20 per person, each way). This is not an extra cost but I wanted to note it since it is a longer journey.

Overall, we are absolutely delighted with the flights we’ve booked. I’ll download some Netflix, bring my Kindle and I’ll do a bit of blogging… be grand!

As long as we get to New York, I’m not too fussed about how we get there (especially if it is nearly half the price!). I’ll let you know how we get on after our trip!

If you’re heading to New York, you can check out the price with Norwegian Airlines here. For some awesome things to do… click here. This was actually my first ever blog post!

Happy Travels.

Carly xx


  1. August 8th, 2018 / 10:35

    Wow! Those flights are so cheap. I’ve heard a lot about Norwegian Airlines before and I love that they offer cheap flights. I am a student and I hope to use them in the future.

    • August 8th, 2018 / 10:43

      I’ll be sure to Keep you all updated on my experience xx

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