12 Delicious & Cool Places to Eat in Krakow, Poland

I have to admit, it is only recently that myself and Darren are stepping up our game when it comes to dining out while travelling. You see, I’m a bit of a fussy eater (or fussy in general :p) so I usually live on Mc Donald’s and Sour Cream and Onion Pringles when I travel. So we have really started to make an effort of late!

There is no excuse to eat badly in Krakow, Poland. The food is so cheap and I couldn’t believe how much choice there was.

Oh and before we get into it, if you haven’t read my blog post on our trip to Krakow, things to do, flights, accommodation, and everything in between, you can read all about it here.

Mr. Pancake

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, or follow me on social media, you’ll know that Nutella Crepes are my favourite thing in the world to eat. So when Mr.Pancake was recommended to me on Instagram (numerous times), I was ALL. OVER. IT!

This place did not disappoint (although the staff weren’t the friendliest!). If you’re not a fan of pancakes don’t fret, they serve all kinds of food, read the full menu here.

The food was so delicious and so cheap (about €10 for 2 lots of pancakes and drinks).

Recommend Ordering: Nutella Classic or Egg Bacon.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4

places to eat, Krakow, Poland, mr.pancake

Moo Moo Steakhouse

Moo Moo Steakhouse was another place that was recommended to me more than once. I loved the food here, my burger and chips were delicious. In fact, I would go as far as saying it was one of the best burgers I ever had (I didn’t like Darren’s though :p).

It books out really quickly for the evenings so to avoid being disappointed, book in advance. There should be no issue with just walking in around lunch time or early afternoon. Drool over the menu here.

Recommend Ordering: No.5 Chorizo Burger and the Belgian Fries.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5

places to eat, Krakow, Poland, moo moo steakhouse

Indian Masala

I would love to be eating this right now actually! My first ever Indian restaurant experience was a good one! Oh that Butter Chicken will forever live on in my memories! The staff were so nice too.

They forgot to bring me ice so they gave me a complimentary drink to apologise which I thought was very nice 🙂 Get excited by reading the menu here.

Recommend Ordering: Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan Bread.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4

Cafe Bar Magia

This is the cutest, cosiest and trendiest little coffee house I’ve been too. They have a full food menu but we had just eaten so didn’t order anything but coffee. It’s located just beside the chapel in the Main Square. I would love one of these in Dublin. Check out the full menu here.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5

places to eat, Krakow, Poland

Stara Paczkarnia

One of the many reasons I will keep going back to Poland is because of my love affair with Paczkis (pronounced “ponch-keys”). Pals… my god they are delicious! They’re essentially Polish doughnuts but, since I don’t like doughnuts at all, they are nothing like them :p

A little tip, if you go early in the morning, they’re just out of the oven and still warm. The nicest place is Stara Paczkarnia.

Recommend Ordering: Nutella obviously :p

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5

nutella, paczki, places to eat, Krakow, Poland

Przypiecek 24h

Another Polish food that I’m a fan of is Pierogi. They’re basically Polish dumplings and you can get them boiled or fried and with all kinds of fillings. This place was recommended by Darren’s friend who lives there. The locals know…

It is very laid back (not a fancy restaurant or anything like one) and extremely busy! You can get take out too if there are no seats.

Recommend Ordering: Spicy Chicken and Spinach (fried) Pierogi. Full menu here.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4

Follower Recommendations

My social media followers gave me so many recommendations (thank you!). I only tried the ones above but here are the rest of the places that were recommended.

Milkbar Tomasza

Cuisine: Described as “an Irishman’s upgrade of the classic Polish cafeteria”.

Menu: Read here.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5

Hamsa Restaurant

Cuisine: Indian

Menu: Read here.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5

Bistro Bene

Cuisine: Coffee house and Bistro

Menu: Read here.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5

Pimiento Restaurant

Cuisine: Steak house.

Menu: Read here.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5

Camelot Cafe

Now, I’m recommending this because Darren’s friend (who lives there) could not say enough good things about it. On top of that, it has over 1700 5 star reviews on Tripadvisor. But (and it’s a big but)… we went in one day and the service was bad. When we eventually got seated and eventually got given a menu… I didn’t fancy anything on the menu! So we left and didn’t eat there.

I don’t know if that is because I was grumpy due to the lack of service or not but I don’t think over 1,700 people can be wrong either! As I said above… I am fussy :p If you fancy checking it out, look at the menu beforehand here.

Tripadvisor Stars: 4.5


Cuisine: Burger house.

Menu: Read here.

Tripadvisor: 4.5

My Krakow Map

Everywhere I have mentioned above is tagged in the below map. I’m all about making things as easy and stress-free as possible for you :p

I hope you found the above helpful and use it as a guide when you visit Krakow! Or maybe it was good enough to convince you to book a trip there? Trust me… the Paczkis alone are worth booking flights for :p If you have any further recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below!

If you have already visited Krakow, and liked it, I strongly recommend you to think about visiting Wroclaw. The definition of a hidden gem. Read about our trip here.

Thanks for reading as always pals!

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