Broadway: Cheaper Tickets & Show Recommendations

When visiting NYC, one of the most popular things on people’s to-do list is seeing a Broadway show, and it’s something we highly recommend! We have genuinely never seen a bad show on Broadway so if you can, GO! Here are some tips to bag yourself cheaper than usual Broadway tickets and a list of shows we’d recommend. 

Cheaper Broadway Tickets

Tickets aren’t cheap so to help you save a few bob, I suggest buying your tickets from the TKTS booth located in Times Square (there are three locations, but the other two are temporarily closed) or from Today Tix app.

TKTS Booths: Rather than just showing up to a booth when they open in the morning, you can use the TKTS app to see which shows are available and how much the tickets cost. You’ll still have to go to a booth to buy your tickets, but at least you’ll know what’s on offer before you get there. TKTS booths are ran by the Theatre Development Fund and offer heavily discount tickets. The catch is they don’t have every show, you can’t choose where you want to sit and the tickets are for night of purchase or the following day’s matinee show.

Today Tix App: The Today Tix app also offers significantly discounted tickets for Broadway but unlike the TKTS booths, you don’t have to wait until close to the show to book the tickets and you don’t have to queue outside (which is FREEZING in the winter). 

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Shows we Recommend

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to squeeze in a good few Broadway shows and I can honestly say, we have never seen a bad one. That’s probably to be expected given these performers are some of the best in the world! It’s also not unusual to see some celebrities headline on Broadway – Jeff Daniels (from Dumb and Dumber) starred in To Kill a Mockingbird when we seen it.

Here’s what we have seen and recommend. Let us know in the comments below if you’d recommend any for us please 🙂

  • Jersey Boys (Musical)
  • The Book of Mormon (not for kids)
  • Wicked (Musical)
  • Chicago (Musical)
  • Frozen (Musical)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (Play)
  • Avenue Q (Musical)
  • Christmas Spectacular Staring The Radio City Rockettes (not technically Broadway but they’re amazing!)

I hope you found this helpful!

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